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PayZeep's Agency Banking empowers you to bring essential financial services to the unbanked and underbanked, amplifying your reach and impact. Whether you're an aspiring agent or an institution, our platform is your gateway to inclusive banking.

Direct Agency Banking

At PayZeep, our expanded network of agents serves as the driving force behind our commitment to financial inclusivity.  

These dedicated intermediaries connect us with customers, irrespective of location, ensuring seamless access to our services.  

Elevate your banking experience with PayZeep

Seamlessly integrate with your agent networks or harness our infrastructure to build a network of agents.  

Our solution ensures a smooth and inclusive banking experience, providing access to financial services effortlessly.  


Withdraw cash

Your money is held securely by established financial institutions and accessible for withdrawals on your terms. Dive deeper into our safety policy here.

Deposit Cash

You are free to deposit your money as you wish. We take extensive measures to safeguard your finances with trusted financial institutions. Rest assured; your money is always accessible for withdrawal whenever you need it.

Perform bill payment

Streamline your bill payments with PayZeep. Whether it’s utilities, rent, or subscriptions, manage everything seamlessly in one place.

Quick Access to POS Terminals and Card Readers

Expand your reach and provide seamless payment options for your customers with our network of POS terminals and card readers.

24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is here for you 24/7, anytime you need assistance. Reach out via phone, chat, or email for expert guidance and prompt resolutions.

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